Intuitive Development Audio Gift

 Shirley Knapp
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Intuitive Development Audio Gift

Shirley created a 2 hr 40 min companion audio to her book Sustaining Joy. The first two tracks (30 min) are your free gift.

The audio will accelerate your process of learning to live by your intuition and sustain Joy. It offers you ...

·        learning to live by your intuition (what it is, why you need it, how to find it, and how to listen to it)

·        remembering who you are (you are limitless and pure light!)

·        how to manifest your dreams and desires (make them large and expansive ~ no limits here!)

·        how to open your heart and ask for what you want

·        how to achieve self-love (which gives true freedom with no limits)

·        specific techniques to release fear

·        how to live in the heart and release the fear in more areas of your life

·        how to balance the masculine and feminine energy that we all have (the feminine receives the messages in the form of intuition, the masculine acts on those messages to accomplish the act : when the two are in balance, we are living by our intuition)

·        your relationship to soul path (how to determine what your path is, travel it and achieve your goals)

·        what a soul partnership is, its purpose, and how to know if you are in one

·        choosing joy  (just as you can create any day you want, so why not create a great one, so you can choose joy by choosing trust instead of fear.  In that way you will cease to think your way through life.  As Shirley says, “Develop your intuition and your trust and you will open yourself to joy.  Joy is your choice.  Choose it.   Sustain it.  You deserve it!”

"A thorough, transformative class....innovative and understandable, the audio CD enables anyone to develop intuition through meditation." - Recommended in Mindquest, by Lightword Publishing

This Audio is available at Shirley's website as part of her Develop Your Intuition class which offers continuing education hours, and in her Independent Study and Intuitive Development Audio products. For more information click here.



To collect your free gift send an email to Shirley with your name and she will direct you to the download page.