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 Shirley Knapp
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NCBTMB APPROVED PROVIDER for Continuing Education

Shirley Knapp is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.  No. 450819-08.

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Course Content

This course consists of 6 hours of class time (6 CE Hours) offered live/ distance learning/ webinar.

Classes are open to everyone. 

The course teaches development of the intuition using Shirley's eBook “Sustaining Joy and companion audio.

In this course you will learn:

1. Developing intuition will promote a healthy life.
  a. Specific techniques to develop insight and release fears.
  b. How quiet time and meditation encourage inner knowing.
  c. Explore your “inner knowing.”
  d. Identify and name “fears.”

2. Applying the methods of intuitive healing
  a. How exercises uncover fears.
  b. Intuition comes from your heart and not your mind.
  c. Establish a quiet place for meditation to clear the mind and allow insight to come through.

3. Developing a deeper understanding of the body, mind and spirit
  a. A meditation promotes peace as a new way of being.

Benefits of developing your intuition:

·     Remembering who you are (you are limitless and pure light!)

·     How to manifest your dreams and desires (make them large and expansive ~ no limits here!)

·     How to open your heart and ask for what you want

·     How to achieve self-love (which gives you true freedom with no limits)

·     How to balance the masculine and feminine energy that we all have

·     Your relationship to soul path (how to determine what your path is, travel it and achieve your goals)

·     What a soul partnership is, its purpose, and how to know if you are in one

Develop your intuition and your trust and you will open yourself to joy.

Joy is your choice. It is always there for you. Choose it. Sustain it. You deserve it!

More Information

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Fee of $150 is payable upon registration and includes downloads of eBook “Sustaining Joy” and companion audio.

The downloads are pdf and mp3 files. You will need the FREE Adobe Reader® software to view the written material. To download click here.

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